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Will Trump Run in 2024?

Will Donald Trump run in 2024 if he loses the election? That question has been the subject of rampant speculation both on TV and social media.

Jim Acosta of CNN is reporting that Donald Trump’s advisors have begun discussing the possibility of Trump running in 2024 if he loses this year’s election.

CNN reporting that Trump would consider running in 2024
Jake Tapper’s displeasure with the idea is noticeable during Acosta’s reporting.

With the election potentially leaning towards a Joe Biden victory, pundits and analysts have been discussing if Trump will even give a concession speech. Many speculate that a sincere concession is unlikely and that Trump could declare the 2020 election a “fraud” and vow to return in 2024.

There has been no official word from Trump or his campaign on this, of course; it is all speculation at this point. Trump will at least wait for Nevada, Arizona, and other states to call their election before even considering a concession speech and declaring a run in 2024.

Trump obviously has a strong brand and loyal following, so admitting defeat outright may hurt his ability to keep that following for whatever his next venture would be after the presidency.

If Trump ends up winning the election, this whole argument would be moot. If that’s the case, he would likely turn his attention to passing a stimulus bill after a deal couldn’t be reached before the election.

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