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Why I Fire Employees who ask for Healthcare benefits

After a recent exchange with Joe Biden on Twitter, many have been asking why I fire employees who ask for healthcare benefits.

The answer is quite simple. As an experienced management guru and ultra-wealthy CEO, I know that people can be irrational. Asking for an employer to take care of the personal health of an employee just doesn’t make sense- it’s outside the scope of my expertise. It’s like asking my lawncare servants to pour me a glass of 1921 premium whiskey and make me a Baconator; it just doesn’t work.

In addition, I don’t want to have all my employees’ medical files just sitting around in my office. Do I really need photos of the inside of my sales guy’s colon?

Thankfully, many of my loyal employees came to my defense. Unfortunately, I will have to fire all of my underlings who didn’t comment on this thread with a robust defense of my management techniques.

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