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“There is Overwhelming Support for my Candidate” says Man who Blocked 10,000 People

A local man is reporting that there is “absolutely no way my candidate loses” based on his social media feed being filled with nothing but support and positivity for his preferred candidate.

After blocking over 10,000 people who disagreed with him in the slightest, Jerry now has a perfectly-curated social media feed that allows him to feel the pulse of the nation.

“I just know that my guy is going to win. There is no way he loses with all of the support I see him having.”

With his 231 friends on Facebook all favoring his candidate, Jerry is certain that any other outcome is statistically impossible.

“Even if the other guy can take one of those 231, that’s less than 1% of the vote. That gives my guy a 99.5% chance of winning!”

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