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Tesla Calls Crushed This Week

Buying Tesla calls last week would not have been a smart YOLO options trade.

The Tesla $427.50 calls (expiring Friday) are the closest to the money calls as of this writing. They’re trading at $16.60, down over 68% from their peak just five trading days ago.

Traders looking for larger Tesla price spikes have been disappointed so far as well. The $500 calls expiring Friday are down 94% in the last week, declining from $20.71 last Wednesday to $1.21 today.

5-day chart for Tesla $500 calls expiring Friday

Of course, Tesla could spike after its earning call today and allow call holders to redeem themselves. However, even if Tesla goes to $500 by the end of the week, $500 call buyers from last week will likely still find themselves on the losing end due to the massive theta decay they’ve already experienced.

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