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Welcome to subSPAC! I’m very glad you’re here – but before we get started, let’s do some paper trading. John (Wealthy Man) wants to expand his newsletter, so he has hired me (@BillSPACman) for $1 million per quarter to bring you SPAC knowledge bombs. You can view the rest of my library of SPAClexandria here 👉

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From Building A Better Burger to Making a Microfactory, we’ll go beyond the news ticker and the quacks 🦆 on TV by curating the most interesting articles in the business and SPAC world.

“I keep hearing about these SPAC things. First of all, what are they, and second of all, why”“SPAC” stands for special-purpose acquisition company, which is kind of an obtuse way of saying “a mountain of cash that exists for a merger”. You are hearing about them more often now because some companies are turning to SPAC acquisition in lieu of a traditional initial public offering.

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What Should Subscribers Expect?

Each week I put in the work to discover, curate, and deliver the most interesting investing content. Every morning you can expect one thought-provoking article along with a short summary delivered directly to your inbox. At the end of the week you’ll get a recap of our favorite companies we’ve covered.

A Few Things About Me

Simply put, I love investing and treat it as my main hobby. Through this admiration for the game, I find inspiration and curiosity in learning about how others build their businesses. The world of business has invaluable life lessons to offer and I’ll do my best to pass that knowledge on to you.

I’ve started subSPAC with the simple belief that investing journalism has become maddeningly worse than ever (Looking at you, Jim). With business news outlets adopting the “hot take” tactic, it’s become difficult to efficiently find unique content on great new businesses. Thats where subSPAC comes in, we do the work for you by digging through the 💩 to find the valuble content.

There’s No I In Trade

My goal is to create a community where people can educate themselves through the world of investing. I can’t do that alone, we need to build this community together. So tell me what you’re loving, tell me what you want to see more of. And most importantly, when your buddy asks how you know about that hilarious Kevin O’Leary Bed Climate System Story, tell em’ about subSPAC. 

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If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter at @readsubSPAC or @BillSPACman

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