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Papa John is Now a Contributor at Seeking Alpha

“Papa” John Schnatter recently became a contributor of the last website you would expect to see him contributing to: Seeking Alpha.

In his first piece, he responds to a piece entitled “Papa John’s Should Be Avoided” from October 12th by agreeing with most of its arguments.

Since being ousted from the business in 2018, Papa John has been on a disparagement tour of his former company. In November 2019, he detailed how eating over 40 pizzas in 30 days lead him to believe that Papa John’s pizza quality was on the decline.

In his recent Seeking Alpha piece, Schnatter says the company has had a “revenue problem” since 2018, mostly due to its decline in product quality.

He also alleges that the company’s culture has gone downhill, causing top talent to leave. These allegations coincide with Schnatter’s rapid selling of Papa John’s shares

To read Schnatter’s full letter, visit the link here.

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