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Nikola Execs Need Social Media Help

Nikola exec Jason Roycht put out this tweet on Friday:

You know you are bad at social media when you put out a tweet supporting a very worthy cause, yet nearly every commenter bashes you.

So how did Jason find himself knee-deep in criticism for trying to support breast cancer research?

Nikola executives are notorious for releasing artist renderings of trucks that don’t exist. Chairman Trevor Milton seems to spend an inordinate amount of time on Twitter pumping the advantages of his fictional truck.

The other factor here is the virtue signaling. Do we really need to be “aware” of breast cancer? I think pretty much everyone knows how horrible of a disease it is.

Many also found humor in picturing the average truck driver in a hot pink truck.

In conclusion, it’s hard to believe that this $10 billion corporation can’t get their act together on social media. Their executives constantly embarrass themselves, including when Milton said he’d like to stay out of jail (the tweet has since been deleted).


Breast cancer research is a great cause. If you would like to donate to Jason’s campaign, please follow the link:

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