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John W. B. Rich Newsletter – November 10th

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Congratulations to Nikola!

Nikola met analysts’ lofty revenue expectations of $0 during its earning call yesterday. The company also surprised with six SEC subpoenas received (one for the company and five for executives). Overall, a pretty successful earnings call for a promising company! You can read my full summary here.

I listened to the call from Wendy’s. This was my setup:

Pray for the Value Investor who Switched to Tech Last Week

With the news of a promising Pfizer vaccine candidate emerging Sunday night, work-from-home stocks were crushed on Monday. Peloton, Zoom, and other stay-at-home names were down between 15% and 25% on Monday. Value names exploded, causing a massive rip up on the Dow. We suspect that there was at least one value investor who finally gave in and switched from value to tech stocks last week. Please pray for their soul.

Need a Mask?
Need a stylish mask to show off your expert investing prowess? Consider supporting my Wendy’s habit by purchasing one of these for just $12.50 (or $10 each when you buy 4+). Here is the link.

I also have other tasteful investing apparel available on my shop. Make sure to tweet a picture of you wearing your item and tag me.

Is America 2020 Years Old?

I got into a healthy debate on Twitter about the age of the United States of America during the Election last week. This is why America is a great place: healthy, productive discourse between informed minds.

My New Website

In case you didn’t notice on Twitter, I launched a new version of my website, The site is now a financial news and entertainment hub, with analysis, memes, and news. Be sure to check out the new content my unpaid interns are putting out daily. 

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