Do you want to be rich?

Well, take it from a man whose name is literally Rich: You need to invest in the Rich & Wealthy Fund. It’s the only way for Mr. Rich to make his massive fees.

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Our genius analysts (all unpaid) come up with thousands of sure-fire investments each and every day. We invest in the best ones, take out massive fees, and create huge gains for you on paper.

We require a 10-year lockup, a 10% front load to enter the fund, a 3% monthly management fee, 15% back load, and 69% of profits before fees. You can check your account balance once per year by traveling to our offices in Casper, Wyoming. Our office hours are Tuesdays from 2:15 to 3pm.

Our fund closes to new investors soon (but we will always take your money later, too). Hurry and invest by sending your money via Western Union.

Our Investors

Bernie Madoff denied prison release in fraud case
Bernie Madoff
Eloise Williams
Founder of the Stonk Market
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Chadford Whitmore VI
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