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Nikola Execs Need Social Media Help

Nikola exec Jason Roycht put out this tweet on Friday:

You know you are bad at social media when you put out a tweet supporting a very worthy cause, yet nearly every commenter bashes you.

So how did Jason find himself knee-deep in criticism for trying to support breast cancer research?

Nikola executives are notorious for releasing artist renderings of trucks that don’t exist. Chairman Trevor Milton seems to spend an inordinate amount of time on Twitter pumping the advantages of his fictional truck.

The other factor here is the virtue signaling. Do we really need to be “aware” of breast cancer? I think pretty much everyone knows how horrible of a disease it is.

Many also found humor in picturing the average truck driver in a hot pink truck.

In conclusion, it’s hard to believe that this $10 billion corporation can’t get their act together on social media. Their executives constantly embarrass themselves, including when Milton said he’d like to stay out of jail (the tweet has since been deleted).


Breast cancer research is a great cause. If you would like to donate to Jason’s campaign, please follow the link:

YouTube Trading Gurus all made 2,700% on Kodak?

YouTube trading gurus were all over Kodak stock this week – after it already peaked, of course.

The YouTube trading gurus, at least the ones trying to sell a course or a stock alert service, try to create a perception of impeccable market timing.

However, as we’ll see with Kodak, they know the same (or less) as the rest of us.

See the thumbnail below. This is the same approach many of them use; display a huge percent return number to draw in viewers who want to become day traders. Of course, this guru didn’t buy Kodak before the huge spike. He just wants you to start thinking about 2,700% returns before you hear his pitch.

Notice how all these videos were posted on Wednesday or Thursday- after the spike happened.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with covering the financial news, which includes Kodak stock. The problem is stock market gurus who insinuate that they saw a huge move coming, or otherwise try to associate their stock picking techniques with a 2,700% return.

In my opinion, spending money on a stock market guru’s course is a bad idea. Take the time to learn the mechanics of the market yourself. Read Investopedia, market news, and watch stocks. There is no magic formula that these gurus can teach you.

And remember, if their stock tips were so great, they would just make all the money themselves instead of bothering with running a stock alert service.

Microsoft Buying TikTok?

Business Insider reported that Microsoft is in talks to acquire TikTok after President Trump announced he wanted ByteDance to divest from its US operations. TikTok is worth an estimated $30 billion.

Microsoft is definitely not the first company you’d expect. Facebook and Google are most likely also trying to make a deal happen. Snapchat is likely far too small to make a reasonable offer.

However, Microsoft already runs one of the largest social media sites (LinkedIn), so acquiring TikTok isn’t much of a stretch.

Will TikTok-ers really care who owns the app? Most likely not, since ByteDance (current owner) is not even close to a household name right now.

Facebook Day Traders: A Stock Split Doesn’t Make You Rich

This is our daily recap of Facebook day traders, from various day trading and investing groups on Facebook.

Many seem to think that a 4-for-1 stock split will make them rich.

Buying Kodak at $21 after the pump-and-dump ended? Genius.
Screw TD Ameritrade for following the securities laws!

Strategy very unclear. Does this man understand there are 2 different types of options?

This one hurts.

Help! How do you execute a stock split in Robinhood?

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Over 11,000 Robinhood Traders add Moderna Tuesday

11,872 Robinhood traders added Moderna ($MRNA) to their portfolios Tuesday as of 1:50pm EST, according to Robintrack. 314,849 investors now own MRNA on the Robinhood platform, making it the 20th-most popular stock on the app.

Moderna has drawn criticism for large insider stock sales ahead of its phase 3 trial announcement.

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel has sold 136,089 shares in July for a total of $9,761,363, as of July 24th. The sales happened over 12 separate transactions.

Moderna Continues the Pump

Moderna announced Tuesday afternoon that its vaccine trial had produced a “robust” immune response in all 45 of its participants.

Moderna stock was up over 14% after-hours, and is up 297% year-to-date.

The company received criticism in May for releasing incomplete results from its Phase 1 trial, and for numerous insiders selling shares.

Moderna CEO St├ęphane Bancel has made 46 transactions in Moderna stock this year; all of them were sales of stock. Bancel has sold 571,730 shares this year for a total of $23,814,499.

Bancel still directly owns over 6.7 million shares, according to his latest Form 4.

Former Louisiana State Senator Sentenced For Making False Statement

Former Louisiana state senator Wesley Bishop was sentenced to four years of probation for making a false statement related to the “Road Home” HUD program.

Bishop’s false statement allowed him to receive a forgivable $188,000 for a rental property he owned.

Bishop was also ordered to pay a $100,000 fine.

The most recent tweet from Bishop’s Twitter account

Original press release from the Department of Justice: Link

Yesterday’s Historic Collapse, According to Facebook Investors

Here’s what Facebook investors had to say about yesterday’s “crash” (markets fell about 1% on the day).

Apparently this is the first bear market where the market is actually positive year-to-date?
Good work.

Nearly 49,000 Robinhood Accounts add Tesla

Nearly 49,000 Robinhood accounts added Tesla over the last 24 hours, as of 6:30pm eastern on Monday.

Tesla topped RobinTrack’s popularity chart as 48,836 traders added Tesla shares to their portfolios. Tesla hit an all-time high of $1,794.99 before finishing below $1,500 for the day.

Tesla is the 10th-most popular stock on Robinhood in terms of the number of accounts holding the stock (457,351).

Notably, Tesla $2,500 strike calls expiring Friday experienced a massive spike in volume. 55,645 of the contracts were traded Monday, compared to 41,651 for the next-closest among July 17 Tesla options (the $2,000 calls).