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3 Insufferable Douchebags on LinkedIn

We all know LinkedIn is home to some of the worst scumbags on Earth. Today, I’m exposing 3 insufferable douches who deserve to be cancelled over their horrible LinkedIn posts.

Feel free to find these people and cancel them immediately. The business world will be better off without them.

This CEO apparently thinks his obvious statements are genius insights:

This executive has no idea how to treat his employees:

And finally, this businessman is the worst at treating his employees right:

Comments (8)

  • Thoughts on snowflake? Think it’s awful that a company utilizing avocado-toast-powered basement-living millennials is a $33B business venture

  • Hello John,
    Not sure if you remember me but unfortunately, I remember you and you are still retarded. However, I will continue to read because it makes me feel better about myself. Cheers.
    Brad M
    University of Phoenix, Class of 2002

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