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Nikola Execs Need Social Media Help

Nikola exec Jason Roycht put out this tweet on Friday: You know you are bad at social media when you put out a tweet supporting a very worthy cause, yet nearly every commenter bashes you. So how did Jason find...

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YouTube Trading Gurus all made 2,700% on Kodak?

YouTube trading gurus were all over Kodak stock this week - after it already peaked, of course. The YouTube trading gurus, at least the ones trying to sell a course or a stock alert service, try to create a perception...

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Microsoft Buying TikTok?

Business Insider reported that Microsoft is in talks to acquire TikTok after President Trump announced he wanted ByteDance to divest from its US operations. TikTok is worth an estimated $30 billion. Microsoft is definitely not the first company you'd expect....

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